We provide end-to-end software development services. Starting from project conceptualisation, design, development and delivering the final product,
we make software products that must delight their users.

Mobile Development

Anova provides world-class mobile application development services for all platforms and mobile devices.

Our mobile development capabilities include development of iOS , Android , SWIFT and XAMRIAN based mobile apps. Our mobile development services include defining mobile strategy & design to development, integration, and testing.

Mobile Strategy & design

Based on our experience of implementation of mobile apps for various domains and industries, Anova provides holistic mobile strategy and design services. We focus on app security requirements, user experience keeping in mind different device sizes, architecture needs catering to multiple mobile device platforms and accordingly design and development strategy of mobile applications is finalised.


Anova ensures to develop engaging, user-friendly mobile applications keeping into key consideration the end-user base of applications. Anova predefined mobile application frameworks ensure rapid application development of mobile apps.


Anova takes a multi-faceted approach to mobile app testing, from understanding the field conditions where mobile app will be used to simulating real-world conditions


We specialize in integrating complex back-end systems implemented in various platforms with engaging and user friendly mobile front-ends.

Web Development

Anova is a full-stack provider of custom web app development for enterprises, public sector, growing and emerging businesses. Our web development services include:

Application Development services

Build new systems, ranging from simple backend web applications for mobile apps to complex SaaS applications hosted on server clusters

Business Process Automation

Implementation of web application ensuring automation of business processes while improving a company’s workflow, scheduling, data access and management between involved teams.

Software suite for Assessment Platforms

Implementation of digitisation of end-to-end Assessment applications including features of assessment planning, scheduling, management, live QC, reporting and Analytics.

Survey Tools and Data Management System

Suite of product that provides an end to end solution for complete life cycle management of conducting field survey from Planning to Data collection to Survey Monitoring and Data analytics and reporting.

Tools and Technologies
JavaScript | HTML | CSS |C# | PHP
React | Angular
ASP.NET | Node.js
MySQL | PostgreSQL
AWS | Microsoft Azure | Digital Ocean

Enterprise Software

We build the technological backbones of multi-tiered systems and integrate them with various 3rd-party services & APIs to create complete digital platform of organisations.

With our expertise in enterprise technologies , we evaluate and suggest the right technology stack for your application.

We put emphasis on study of your business requirements and problem faced in current system, to correctly address the problems and come up with best solutions.

Our Enterprise Software development services include:

  • Development of custom softwares and solutions
  • Backend and Frontend Development
  • Integration with third party API
  • Scalable and high performance Architecture

GIS Application Development

Anova provides end-to-end customization and GIS application development services in ESRI Suite of products and GIS Open source technologies.

Our GIS application development services includes development in ESRI Suite products and Open source platforms in given segments:

  • Mobile GIS application solutions in all platforms
  • Web GIS application to visualize, manage and analyze spatial data
  • Geospatial database design and development
  • Web and Desktop spatial information systems
  • GIS Integration with existing systems
  • provides various custom GIS tools along with basic tools like navigation, imagery, searches and zoom in options
  • Map viewing and editing tools are also provided as per custom application requirements.
Tools and Technologies
  • ESRI Product Suite
  • Open source GIS technologies

Trending Technologies

We provide consulting services, proof of concept creation, and development services in blockchain technologies.

Our blockchain services include:
  • We help you explore what blockchain means for your organization, and support you in the next step of your digital transformation.
  • Setting up blockchian platform based on Hyperledger Sawtooth.
  • Developing the backend and devise the exposing APIs regarding the products,
  • Deploying Hyperledger cluster and maintenance.
  • Quality Assurance and testing to make sure the platform showcases the desired functionalities, unit testing and load testing on the backend.

Software Testing & QA

Software testing measures and improves the quality of software. Software testing is one of the activities of Quality Assurance of software.

Our testing team improve software quality by comprehensive testing of software at various stages. In our elaborate QA and testing plan, our QA team outline how they will deliver world-class results, and ensure you design and build great software products that will delight your customers.

Our testing services include:
  • Functional and Manual Testing
  • User Interface Testing
  • API Testing
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Installation and Configuration Testing
  • Unit and Integration Testing

User Experience

A subtle and beautiful design offers an ingenious user experience.

UX design processes increase user satisfaction and ensure users engagement. UX design means providing more enriching experiences to users through your website, application, or any product or service you want to deliver.

While designing a product or an application, we ensure to provide impeccable user experiences catering to different devices and screen type and size.

Our UX services include :
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframing
  • Visual Design
  • Usability Testing
  • Prototyping

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