QR code technology for Third Party testing of fish for presence of added formaldehyde

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April 13, 2020


Quality Council of India, FDA Goa
QR code technology for Third Party testing of fish for presence of added formaldehyde


1. QR code based Mobile Application
2. Web based Interactive Dashboard Application


This platform is built to introduce necessary reforms in the fisheries ecosystem to ensure quality products and to bring in transparecy in Fish Trading in Goa.

Business Need

Representatives of the Govt. of Goa met with the Hon’ble Minister of Commerce and Industry, for help in ascertaining that there is any possible adulteration of fresh fish imported into Goa using unapproved chemicals and additives such as added formaldehyde, ammonia, sodium benzoate by fish traders and suppliers is detected and destroyed.

The most common chemical is artificial addition of Formaldehyde, which is a carcinogenic chemical commonly used as a preservative to increase shelf life of fish and preserve it from rotting. The presence of added Formaldehyde in fish is a serious threat to the health and safety of the consumers and requires immediate intervention by National Quality Assurance bodies.

Hence, there exists an urgent need to introduce necessary reforms in the fisheries ecosystem to ensure quality products and to create an ecosystem through which such instances, if they occur, are detected and preventive measures are taken so that such contaminated food products are not consumed by Goans or the vast number of tourists who come to Goa as a favoured tourist destination

As a next step in the same endeavour and to further enhance the transparency, client needed a mobile application and an interactive dashboard with the incorporation of widely popular QR code-based technology.


Provided a web and mobile application suite to automate the third party sampling of Fish Samples.

a. Mobile application to capture Fish sample details and associating QR code with a sample:

  • Facility in mobile app to capture details of the Fish sample collected from the trucks taking Fish stock with key attributes like type and quantity of each Fish
  • Photographs of collected sample
  • Generate QR code
  • Automation of generation of Fish sample code
  • QR code scanning at multiple stages – At Wholesale market or at Lab to send samples to Labs without any mishandling or human intervention in terms of which sample to be sent to which L
  • Geo-tagging of sample from Collection to Whole Sale Market and Lab to track route of sample.

b.Web based Application (dashboard):

  • Dashboard to view Details of all Samples for Admin and authorized users
  • Export data to track location of each sample along with time stamp
  • Build statistics based on collected fish samples data.
    • No. of fish vehicles which entered
    • How many vehicles were meant for export purpose
    • How many vehicles were meant for Domestic Consumption
    • How many pass-through Goa for other States
    • How many samples tested negative for CIFT Kit test
    • Number of samples tested positive for CIFT Kit test
    • Number of samples sent for Conformity Test to accredited lab
    • Number of Conformity test tested positive
    • Number of vehicles detained for conformity test.
    • Number of vehicles Sent Back due to documentation
    • Number of empty trucks
    • Number of insulated/non-insulated


  • Create a scalable technology which can be adopted by different stakeholders like FDA Goa, NABL accredited testing laboratories.
  • User interactive Dashboard to view statistics and details of samples collected with their result
  • System ensured no manipulation of samples and recording of results of these samples thus giving a transparent and clean data of situation