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Project Overview


National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH) 
Ayush Entry Level Certification System


1. Web platform for Data Management and Analytics
2. Mobile Application(s) for Assessors and Ayush Centres & Hospitals


AYUSH Platform is implemented to provide user friendly digital certification platform for NABH for enabling AYUSH entry level certification for AYUSH hospitals and centres.

Business Need

NABH is a constituent board of Quality Council of India, set up to establish and operate accreditation program for healthcare organisations.

NABH’s aim is to carry out accreditation of Ayush Centres and Hospitals and needed an integrated digital platform for desktop and on-site evaluation and certification process for the assessors and applicants of AYUSH hospitals and centres.


Anova built a web and mobile application suite for accreditation process of Ayush Centres and Hospitals. The solution provide for user registration, payment gateways, uploading document and remark, etc on the web portal and mobile application and digitized the complete workflow of accreditation of Ayush Centres and Hospitals.

Ayush Web Portal provides following key features:

  • Registration facility for New Ayush Hospitals and Centres
  • Ayush Uers fill the application forms which are extensive forms about all the aspects of their centre along with document and image uploads (approx. 300 questions in questionnaire divided into multiple sections and sub-sections)
  • Desktop Assessment process with Non-compliance workflow
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Onsite Assessor allocation according to preferred assessment schedule
  • Admin user will be provided facility to review stage and status of hospitals
  • Emails to be sent at all stages and creation of login credentials to users
  • Certification Committee Module for final decision making on awarding certificate
  • Provision to Re-apply and renew the certificate

Mobile Application to conduct Onsite assessment of Ayush Hospitals and Centres

  • Onsite assessment App in both Android and iOS platforms
  • On-site assessor use mobile application to fill the predefined questionnaire. Separate questionnaire for AYUSH hospital and centre.
  • Provision of adding geo-tagged and geo-stamped images
  • Process to capture Non-compliances and take declaration from centres

Mobile Application for Hospitals to Reply to Non-compliances

  • Mobile app for Hospitals to reply on the non-compliances raised by the Assessor
  • Hospital to upload pictorial evidences along with Non-compliances