Video based Assessment Platform for Goevrnment-e-Market Place

Ayush Entry Level Certification System
March 5, 2020
Technology Platform for Assessment of Hospitals under ABPMJAY Initiative
March 3, 2020


Quality Council of India & (Government e-Market Place)
Video based Assessment Platform for Goevrnment-e-Market Place


1. Web Platform for Vendor and Reseller data management
2. Video Assessment based Mobile Platform


Objective of this platform is provide a Video calling based assessment platform for remote assessment.This is implemented using WebRTC API’s for Video Calling and video recording features.


GeM is a Government e-Market place where common user goods and services can be procured. GeM is dynamic, self-sustaining and user friendly portal for making procurement by Government officers.

GeM needed a system using which Vendors and Resellers who empanel on the GeM platform can be verified for the products for which they have applied as OEM or Reseller.

To bring in cost effectiveness and efficiency in the process, it was proposed to conduct assessment using Video based conference call instead of assessor visiting the facility for assessment. In this system, Assessor reviews the facility using a Video conference call wherein the Vendor/Reseller fills the assessment form in supervision of Assessor. Pictorial and Video evidence of the assessment are stored along with.


A suite of web and mobile application is created to digitise the process of Video based assessment and generate certificate and reports.

The solution provides implementation of WebRTC API’s which facilitates in Video Calling and video recording features as required in this application.

Features of Mobile App:

Video Assessment Mobile App is a free app that allows conducting digital interview and assessment at your convenience. All you need is a camera and good internet access.

The app’s features include:

  • Live-Video Screening
  • Capture response to a question with live video
  • Multiple image uploading
  • Geo-tagged images
  • Best Android screen sharing quality and screen share directly from your Android device.

Features of Web Application:

  • Video Calling Module
  • Video Recording Module
  • Facility to create projects
  • Facility to create users
  • Create questionnaire forms
  • Mapping of questionnaire forms with projects
  • Facility to review synced data