Technology Platform for Assessment of Hospitals under ABPMJAY Initiative

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March 4, 2020
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Project Overview


Quality Council of India & National Health Authority
Technology Platform for Assessment of Hospitals under ABPMJAY Initiative


1. Web platform for Data Management and Analytics
2. Mobile Application(s) for Assessors and Hospitals


ABPMJAY application suite is built to digitize the completion certification process of Ayushman Bharat initiatve started by Honorable Prime Minister.

Business Need

AB-PMJAY Quality Certification programme is a joint initiative by NHA and QCI focusing to provide quality healthcare services and accelerate empaneled hospitals at various certification levels recognised as Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Quality Council of India need a web and mobile application suite to digitize the completion certification process provided to hospitals at various levels – Silver/Gold and Bronze.


Provided a web and mobile application suite to automate the complete workflow of quality certification process from Hospital Registration to Issue of Certificate. Following figure depicts the key stages of certification life cycle which is implementation in the application:

  • Login on HEM Portal

  • Click "Apply for Certificate"

  • Fill the "Registration Form"

  • Fill-up the "Application Form"

  • Submit and pay the Application Fee

  • Desktop Assessment

  • Reply to the desktop Non-Compliances (if any)

  • On-site assessment

  • Reply to On-Site Non-Compliances (if any)

  • Review of the Application

  • Issue of the Quality Certificate

Web based Application:

Web based application with following key features:

  • Module for filling and submission of Registration Form
  • Desktop Assessment Process with option to raise NCs and provide comments on every question of the form submitted by Hospital
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Assessor allocation process at various stages
  • Quality Assurance process with live QC of onsite assessment of hospital
  • Facility of raising the NCs and provide comments on the assessment report submitted by assessor.
  • Recommendation process module
  • Certificate generation for Silver/Gold and Bronze certificates

Mobile application to conduct onsite assessment of Hospital

  • Mobile app with facility to conduct field assessment of hospital using provided onsite questionnaire.
  • Form completeness in the app will be displayed to the user with the deficiencies left by the user.
  • Final form submission can only be done if all information/sections are filled.
  • Facility to capture videos and images with NC’s

Mobile application for Hospitals to reply to NC’s

  • Mobile app for hospitals with facility to reply to Nc’s marked in onsite assessment.
  • Geo-tagged evidence in form of photos and documents collected by mobile app


  • Provide paperless system for certification process of hospitals with more than 15 thousand hospitals anticipated to be certified in a year
  • Ensure transparency and data integrity at all levels
  • Auto-reminders to stakeholders are various stages of certification
  • Provides collaboration environment between stakeholders